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Sidra Ahmad


Special Interests & Certifications:  Sensory Integration, early intervention, fine motor and visual motor delays, therapeutic stretching, Therapeutic Listening

Sidra earned her Masters of Health Science degree in Occupational Therapy in 2006 from the Medical College of Georgia. She has worked in pediatrics in Georgia, Arkansas, and North Carolina. Sidra has experience in home health, preschools/daycares, elementary schools, and outpatient clinics.

Having worked in a variety of settings, she has gained expertise in fine motor and visual motor delays related to school development, sensory processing disorders and assistance with self regulation, and therapeutic stretching to help reduce contractures and improve functional mobility. Sidra has specialized in Handwriting Without Tears, How Does Your Engine Run?, Therapeutic Listening, and the Wilbarger brushing protocol.


Sidra is fluent in Urdu and Hindi. She can also speak and understand conversational Punjabi.


Sidra was born in New York, has lived in Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and grew up in Georgia. She moved to Charlotte in 2012 and enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. Sidra is passionate about photography and baking and also enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and traveling. 

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