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At Happy Kids Therapy, we work with children of all ages across a wide range of abilities. If you're wondering about support for a particular challenge or diagnosis, give us a call.

Looking for our Occupational Therapy (OT) services?

Comprehensive Evaluations

Designed for students who are entering TK or Kindergarten. An extensive assessment that includes literacy (reading readiness), math, and social and emotional evaluations. A written report will be provided upon completion that will include test results, recommended plan of care and measurable goals.


Treatment Sessions

Individual:  Length of sessions are 50-minutes + 5 minutes of progress summary and discussion with present caregiver(s) or teacher(s). Sessions are provided in the home, virtually, or in the community.

Group:  Designed for a group of up to 4 students working on the same skills. Length of sessions are 50-minutes + 5 minutes of progress summary and discussion with present caregiver(s) or teacher(s).

treatment sessions

ACADEMIC Screenings

Designed for students already in school who are struggling in reading. This individual assessment is performed at a school setting or at home. The assessment will determine areas of weakness and strength for the student. The results will be communicated directly with the child’s caregivers along with recommendations for consideration.

Academic Screenings
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Teacher parent trainings

Teacher & Parent Trainings

For Teachers: In-person professional development for teachers on reading readiness and kindergarten preparation. Participants will be given appropriate strategies and information to support students ranging from preschool to older elementary. If desired, multiple development sessions can be offered throughout the year to build upon skills learned and mastered by teachers and students.

For Parents: In-person information session to help guide parents into helping them navigate how best to support their child academically at home and school. This encompasses social and emotional skills, language skills, early reading and math skills. Parents will learn what reading support looks like at home, what skills are most important in Kindergarten, and how best to support their child in the transition to Kindergarten.

Reading in Tent


One-on-one scheduled meeting: in-person, over the phone, or on an online platform. This may cover further explanation of screening or evaluation results, analysis of tests and reports from the child’s current school, research and direction on school choice, and any academic areas of concern.

consultation services
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